• Reliable Source: Tom Hanks and Dennis Miller spotted at the Spy Museum after Saturday's Nats game. [WP]

  • Heard on the Hill: Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) enjoys coke and prostas, owes his career to Flava Flav's "The Flavor of Love." [Roll Call]

  • The Scoop: Madonna fans say Clear Channel stations won't play the latest album because of Madonna's anti-Bush commentary. 5,000 fans have signed a petition and "a number of petition signers report that when they request Madonna's music, they're told by Clear Channel-owned stations she's too old or not popular enough." [MSNBC]

  • Page Six: A clear indication that he needs to cut his hair, Sir Bob Geldof only sold 45 of 12,000-concert seats in Milan last week. [NYP]

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