Gotta Love Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell's Tag-Team Bipartisan Rick Scott Pantsing

President Joe Biden masterfully cornered Republicans into keeping their gnarled claws off Social Security and Medicare. They've since collectively whined that Biden is a big liar who said mean lies about them. However, they are saddled with their own past statements, often on video, which you can, you know, see.


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Defunding Social Security and Medicare has become the Republican version of "Defund the Police," except no prominent Democratic leader actually proposed cutting funding for cops. However, Sen. Rick Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, wouldn't shut up about gutting these programs. He all but handed out laminated folders reading "My Evil Plan To Destroy Social Security And Medicare."

Scott flatlined last week during a CNN interview where he suggested Biden was the one who loved cutting Medicare. When Kaitlan Collins called out his obvious lies, a flustered Scott claimed that Jake Tapper backed him up. Tapper would later explain why Scott was full of it. Not even the new "less woke" CNN was going to let Scott spin his way out of this mess.

Sen. Skeletor continued ranting Biden is "confused" and spreading "deranged lies" about his awesome policies that totally won't put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block every five years. Scott even shared a video where Biden proposes freezing federal spending, including Social Security and Medicare.

The video is from 1995, when Biden was still a senator, and I had an AOL account. Lauren Boebert, who was eight at the time, also shared the out-of-context clip. Very patient people explained to the congressional troll that "freeze" and "cut" have two different meanings in big-pants government.

Thursday, Mitch McConnell shoveled more dirt on Scott's open grave. McConnell is still Senate minority leader because Scott is such a doofus, so there's no love lost among these Republican thieves. He told Kentucky radio host Terry Meiners that sunsetting Social Security and Medicare was "not a Republican plan. That was the Rick Scott plan."

“The Republican plan, as I pointed out last fall, if we were to [become] the majority, there were no plans to raise taxes on half the American people or to sunset Medicare or Social Security,” McConnell said. “So it’s clearly the Rick Scott plan. It is not the Republican plan. And that’s the view of the speaker of the House as well.”

McConnell's obvious point here is that while Scott is an idiot, he's not in a position of real power, and even the same House speaker who takes orders from Marjorie Taylor Greene won't pursue his stupid ideas. It's also worth a laugh to remember that Scott challenged McConnell for Senate Republican leadership — even after the NRSC mostly functioned as a subsidiary of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Under Scott's stewardship, Republicans lost winnable races in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. It wasn't just that he was a lousy NRSC chair. He also anchored the party with grotesque policy positions that Republican leaders couldn't distance themselves from fast enough.

“I mean, it’s just a bad idea,” McConnell said last week about Scott's sunset plan. “I think it will be a challenge for [Scott] to deal with this in his own reelection in Florida, a state with more elderly people than any state in America.”

McConnell considers Scott so toxic, he's not even sure the former Florida governor can win his Senate re-election race next year. Seems like Mitch might plan on dropping a primary challenge on Scott's bony head.

[Washington Post]

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