Gov. Nikki Haley Gives GOP 'Obama Sucks' SOTU Response, Will Never Win Another Election

The state of the Republican Party is LOL

[contextly_sidebar id="TZcgc9sc1iHxKyyjhQXuMvWICNTU4hdr"]Now that President Obama has delivered his final State of the Union address (who could have guessed our union's state is strong?!), it is time for the time-honored tradition of a rising star in the Republican Party to douse her political future with gasoline on live teevee and then say, "Hey, everyone, watch me light this match!"

(Fun fact: It is always a her now, or at least since 2014, because all the Republican boys were so bad at doing it. Like, so bad.)

This year, it's South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's turn. Sorry, Nikki Haley, sucks to be you. Sure, you mighta been a contender for someone's VP slot after that bold stand you took last year against the Confederate flag you'd once passionately defended because hey, Yankee businessmenfolk don't have a problem with it, but nope. Now you are destined to be the butt of everyone's jokes, oh well.

OK, governor, go! Tell us how much the GOP rules, Obama drools, and try not to embarrass yourself too hard. If you can manage to avoid a prison sentence, like Virginia's ex-governor and lifetime felon Bob McDonnell, aka Miss Pouty-Faced Republican Response-Giver 2010, that's practically a win.


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