Trumpy Gov Candidate Kari Lake Bans All John McCains From Arizona GOP

Last week, Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gave a campaign speech last week to a wingnut conference in Phoenix. In that speech, she told, "John McCain Republicans" to GTFO out of the GOP. Until Donald Trump came along, of course, McCain was the face of the Arizona GOP. But McCain's 2008 campaign as the Republican Party's presidential nominee was a long time ago, and it seems fitting that Republicans are now far more in tune with McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, the true spiritual and intellectual foregrizzlymama of the Trumpy GOP.

Lake spoke at a weirdass conference across the street from last week's Turning Point USA confab in Phoenix, cosponsored by an outfit called "Republicans for National Renewal" and a gross racist "Groyper" group called the "American Populist Union," for rightwingers who think Charlie Kirk's TPUSA isn't quite fascist enough.

The TPUSA event, you'll recall, featured Palin declaring war on vaccines, and Fox News's Jesse Watters urging people to "ambush" Dr. Anthony Fauci and deliver a "kill shot" in the form of very tough questions.

The National Renewal Populist Blackshirt Front gathering Lake addressed also featured great Americans like Rep. Paul Gosar and a slew of top Arizona Republicans, including state GOP chair Kelli Ward and state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who sent that charming Christmas ode to Jesus and Robert E Lee last week.

Also too, it seems that some leaders of "Americans for National Renewal" used to have ties with those fun white nationalists in "Identity Evropa," but that group is now defunct so all is well, we guess. Here's Lake's speech, which at least didn't literally include any chants of "Blood and Soil!" or "Jews! Will Not! Replace Us!"

During her talk, Lake said Arizona Republicans of the past have just been the worst, part of the mainstream GOP that included Mitt Romney (boo!) John McCain (BOO!) and former US Senator Jeff Flake (BOOOOOO!), who treasonously disagreed with Donald Trump on a few things before voting with Trump's agenda. “Boy, Arizona has delivered some losers," she said. "Haven’t they?”

Lake said that those terrible "Romney types and McCain types led us into the ground," which is a strange phrase, then went on to explain that the very worst part of it was that those monsters went AWOL during the culture wars, which she is certain was a real war:

They abandoned us in the cultural war. While they were starting endless wars in the Middle East, they didn't even bother getting involved in the cultural war, and now we're seeing the effects of that. Our children are being taught Marxism at school. They're being taught sex education, in a curriculum that's 102 pages long!

Lake added that, as a mom of two kids, she knows for sure that nobody needs to explain sex in a 102-page document. Presumably, she'd just go with "if you have sex, you'll DIE" and call it a day. She really kept on about those evil 102 pages for a while, without actually saying what was in 'em, though someone in the audience helpfully shouted "Marxism!" We assume that would be collective sex, or the proletariat seizing the means of reproduction.

Happily, America had a savior, and you have to be impressed by Lake's religious fervor, or at least her commitment to the bit: "A man with golden hair came down a golden escalator in June of 2015, and he inspired a nation." Lake praised The One True Trump for inspiring ordinary folks to run for office so they could "take our country back," probably to about 1951 in Alabama or so.

Then Lake said she would explain what it means to be a Trump Republican, asking for a show of hands from any Trump Republicans who might happen to have wandered into the room, and everyone cheered!.

Lake: We don't have any McCain Republicans in here, do we?

Audience: BOOO!

Lake: Get the hell out! (chuckle) I don't think there's any of 'em here.

Poor old Walnuts! From war hero to presidential candidate to "he got captured" to BOOOOOO! in such a short time!

Lake then went on to explain that all the young people have become Trump Republicans lately, and here's why:

Of all people who've had their fun lives of — their great moments taken away, the Democrats and their insanity that they're pushing, is turning so many people conservative. So in a way, even though we've been through hell the last two years, it's inspiring us to wake up, it's inspiring us to become conservative, and we will take this country back.

We'll have to assume that Lake's talking about the pandemic, which apparently only caused problems because Democrats' insanity kept young folks from having fun, and also Democrats magically are responsible for the final year of Donald Trump's presidency too. Or maybe she meant Critical Race Theory, hard to tell.

Then Lake laid out the meaty policy agenda of Trump Republicans, which includes raising families, ending illegal immigration, making "the Southern states" — of which Arizona is now apparently one, surprise! — the best place to live, and eliminating crime. Easy!

But the crowning achievement of Trumpism: "We will drive a stake through the communist heart of this woke political system we're in, and the woke curriculum" — all 102 pages of it, we bet! "We will bring an end to Marxism that's being taught to our children." CHEERS!

Lake closed by listing all the great Americans who have endorsed her: Donald Trump, Mike Flynn, and most important of all, MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell, who "gave up more than anyone to get to the bottom of the fraudulent election of 2020."

Weirdly, that's about all Lake said about the Big Lie, because by now Donald Trump's 2020 landslide victory, cruelly stolen, has become such an unshakeable article of faith that wingnuts can just gloss over the details. Like the lady said, Lindell got to the bottom of the election theft. You don't need "facts" or "evidence" — well known elements of Marxism — when everybody in your camp just knows a thing.

That really is bad news for John McCain, and the rest of us.

[YouTube / Left Coast RightWingWatch / Arizona Mirror]

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