GQ's Most Powerful People Party

When GQ put out their list of the most powerful people in Washington, we all had a good laugh at how dumb some of their choices were. Then because we are whores we accepted their invite to a party at Cafe Milano last Monday night (never forget!). Liz Gorman came too, she took pictures. We just drank. Gallery here, random recollections after the jump.

* No food. Wtf! We hadn't eaten all day, so we got much more wasted at the open bar than we would've otherwise. In an hour or two people were tacking each other to get the tiny spoons of foie gras the occasional waiter swept by with. Also there was like one dude with some shrimp but he was crafty and hard to find!

* People actually on the powerful list who made it to the party: Totally unclear. GQ claims 20, according to Amy. Doubtful! More or less confirmed by us: Leahy, Tom Toles, Rahm Emanuel, the guy from the Palm, John Podesta.

* Reid's security was there, but he didn't show, confusing everyone.

* Always, always, always hang out with Tammy Haddad at these things. Unless you're outside smoking, then just hang out with whoever looks coolest/drunkest.

* Gavin's pictures are here. The lady flipping the bird? Jesus christ what a piece of work. We're standing near the bar, chatting, Patrick has his camera out to take a crowd shot. Blondie begins basically shouting obscenities at him, because she thinks he works for me. I am standing right there, but the lady doesn't ever address me directly, preferring to shout at Patrick about invasion of privacy and suing him and cursing him and how the internet is evil or something. Gavin is friendly, initially. Drunk lady continues hurling abuse at us until her soft-spoken, more sober gentleman friend begins interpreting for her. Both sides declare various intentions to sue. [Minor identifying details removed, blah blah, mean lady.]

* Eventually, we had the veal. Recommended!

* At the end of the night we left our fucking debit card in a fucking cash machine.

GQ Party Gallery

The 50 Most Powerful People in DC [GQ]


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