Grandma Attacked By Coward! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 14, 2021

Here is voting superlawyer (but not ironically) Marc Elias, to bum you out again! (Democracy Docket)

History of the filibuster, no it wasn't always just "Mitch says no." — Governing

Why everyone got so sad when Chuck Schumer did incivility to Mitch: Democrats aren't supposed to hit back. — Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo

But why are all the "centrist" Democrats against, say, negotiating drug prices? They have a really good reason for it, but so sorry, they've got to run. (The American Prospect)

Idaho Republicans begging Democrats to save them from themselves :( — Maddow Blog

The grassroots groups trying to connect people at risk of eviction with rental assistance and legal clinics in Detroit. Michigan hasn't done a terrible job of connecting federal COVID rental assistance bucks with people who need it (COUGH LOS ANGELES COUGH), but there's much much more to be done, knocking on doors on a Saturday. (Detroit Free Press)

They indicted LA City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas and a USC dean for bribery and general cahootsing, I feel like that's two city councilmen this year? — LA Times

Not afraid to be servicey!

I ... okay. Black people weren't allowed to eat vanilla ice cream in the South, except on the Fourth of July, but don't you start on with your critical race theory (teaching that racism exists). Old Guardian.

White kids in Georgia flew a Confederate flag at school and did racial slurs and nothing happened to them, so Black and white kids decided to protest it, and only the Black kids got suspended. What? I can't hear you, I don't hear color. (The Root)

Whaaaat? South Carolina Republican prosecutor drug addict who tried to have himself killed and seems to have stolen settlement funds from his suspiciously dead housekeeper's death that was supposed to go to her sons and who also embezzled from his law firm is a person of interest in his murdered wife and kid's murder? No shit I mean no way. (Daily Beast)

Hate when I try to give welfare to poor people and it all goes to Brett Favre. No, I really fucking hate it. (Mississippi Free Press)

Speaking of welfare, Trump tried to make Ivanka head of the World Bank. — CNN

What is hypothyroidism? (AACE)

This is a Twitter thread about Vincent Price that you need to read and adore!

And thanks to that thread, it's the Wonkette Morning Movie Club!

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