Great Moments in Marketing: Let's Use Hillary Clinton's Sex Appeal!

cookie_gogglesWhen we're considering what movie to see, "Does the ad feature a National Security Advisor topless?" is pretty much the first question we ask. And, finally, one does. It's not who we were hoping for -- we'll have to just keep seeing Sandy Berger in our dreams -- but a commercial for "The Stepford Wives" has semi-steamy pix of both Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton. Experts wonder if this is wise.

Pat Gray, who works with Northstar Marketing Group, said the ad shows bad taste toward Rice and Clinton. "In today's media environment, I don't know whether it's unacceptable morally or not -- distasteful, for sure," Gray said. "If I were them, I'd probably sue."
We'd first like to note how great it is that the media now turns to marketing consultants as barometers of tastefulness. But really, we're not sure if these girls have much taste left to protect. Did we miss the Amy Vanderbilt lesson on whoring out the Lincoln bedroom? Is it classy to stonewall a senate investigation into the nation's worst terrorist attack? Naked cookie baking seems like an improvement.

Controversy Brews Over Hillary, Condoleezza 'Stepford Wives' Ad []

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