Greece Will Not Crumble Into Sea Due To Lack Of Funds

  • Good heavens is pretty much anyplace on earth vulnerable to earthquakes these days? (The answer is yes.) [NBC Chicago]
  • Childhood obesity is here to stay, due to motorcars and iPods, and there is nothing Michelle Obama and her fancy arms can do about THAT. [AP]
  • A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that people are starting to come around to liking Republicans again, because of all they've done for America in the last year. [Washington Post]
  • Looks like the Europeans (Germany) are going to bail out Greece after all. [Reuters]
  • Hmm, somebody didn't care for the "how to meet and impregnate a French girl in six Google searches" commercial during the Super Bowl. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Jay Leno broadcast his last 10 PM show and nobody cared. [Los Angeles Times]

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