Green Screen Fun With McCain's Terrible Sp-sp-speech

So that's why McCain's campaign put that puke-green screen behind him during his cringe-inducing performance in New Orleans the night Obama won the nomination. Now, Creepy McCain's "little whining troll" act can be "mashed up" into endless comical variations -- Stephen Colbert has encouraged this, on the teevee. Join us for a children's treasury of crappy YouTube variations, possibly culminating with Yoda McCain surrounded by his brothers, the Ewoks, as they sing "Th-that's n-not ch-change we can b-believe in."

This version's not so comical, but it has "substance." Also, the eerie off-camera presence of Tim Russert:

Oh look, Juan McChange We Can Believe In has sent this terrorist message from the Muslim Internet!

Sad gypsy music certainly adds something to the old dude's tragic list of shit his boyfriend George Bush did to America:

Why not a cheery polka instead? Why not just completely drown out McCain's awful voice, too?

Oh look it's some "school girl" dancing sexy-time for grandpa! One whore diamond. :(


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