Greg Abbott So Excited He Banned Abortion, Let Him Tell You In His Own Words!

Here's a video that needs to go even more viral than it already is, one of those "What Are These People Really Like Behind Closed Doors?" moments.

Journalist Lauren Windsor was able to get Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott on tape the other night just bragging about how well he's banned abortion, and being very wink-wink-nudge-nudge about the possibility of banning birth control and the morning-after pill.


You'd think maybe under the circumstances, in a state where there's currently a BOUNTY HUNTER LAW intended to deputize citizens to be the enforcers against anybody they think might have helped an abortion happen, you'd think maybe there might not be such patriarchal uncontrollable pant-jizzing glee on display from this piece of shit man. You'd be incorrect.

Windsor was pretending to be an awful human being too, thanking the governor for what he's done so far, and that's how she made this conversation happen.

"My grandma's a huge fan," Windsor told Abbott, in character as a garbage person who respects Greg Abbott, asking him to sign something for her grandma, and thanking him for what he's been doing lately to "defend the unborn." She added, "We're just wondering what more can be done until Roe v. Wade is not the law of the land anymore."

"Can you do something about morning after pills and birth control?"

Abbott had ideas. He bragged that he had signed two very special laws. One "prohibits mail order abortion pills from being sent." But the MOST IMPORTANT one, he said, was the Trigger Law. You know about trigger laws, yeah? Those are the ones that say that the second Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh and/or whichever other justices zap America's uteruses with cattle prods and overturn Roe, then any states with so-called trigger laws will automatically ban abortion. No legislative action required! Greg Abbott is so excited about that one.

Abbott even says that with Texas's trigger law, abortion will be "abolished" in Texas. You should know that "abolishing" abortion is language that comes directly from the most extreme forced birth activists in the country. They call themselves "abolitionists." Isn't that precious?

"So basically we've outlawed abortion in Texas," Abbott bragged.

When Windsor pushed Abbott, asking if he could please "go further" and outlaw morning after pills and birth control, he restated his support for the law he just signed banning mail-order abortion pills — which is different from morning-after pills — but conceded he wasn't sure what they could do next about those issues. But he seemed open to it!

And that's what's important for these people: that they keep moving the Overton Window further and further to the right. Why, it's no longer insane to think a state like Texas would have a bounty hunter law giving random rednecks in other states the right to sue abortion providers and the Uber drivers who transport people to use their services. Because Texas literally has that now.

In summary and in conclusion, Greg Abbott says private businesses requiring vaccines are bad but seems open to further brainstorming on banning birth control. At the very least, he didn't shut his constituent down and say "That's fucking insane, Madam." Sure, why the fuck not.

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