Greg Craig Steps Down As White House Counsel, And Only Steve King Knows Why


Steve King's greatest achievementFriday's biggest political news item... is something else besides this: snow-topped O-bot Greg Craig has stepped down as White House counsel, following in the footsteps of such previous Great Recent White House Counsels as Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Miers. There has been speculation for months that he might do this. "Everyone" blamed him for bungling the now-delayed Guantanamo closing, because he didn't prep the dandies in Congress with the steps such an action would require, and they resorted to NIMBYism, which was somehow Greg Craig's problem. But maybe it was something else? Craig has not given an official reason. Fortunately, Congress' #1 asshole, Rep. Steve King, has provided one for him: Obama wanted to bring in some ACORN goon instead.

Steve King sees your "Bob Bauer replacement," and raises you a conspiracy theory:

Bob Bauer has a public record of defending Barack Obama's relationship with ACORN. Bauer has acted as the agent between Obama and ACORN, and now he will be perfectly positioned to be tasked with erasing the tracks between Obama and ACORN. Bauer's hiring appears to be a tactical maneuver to strategically defend the White House exactly one week after Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell raided ACORN's national headquarters in New Orleans and seized paper records and computer hard drives that may lead to the White House.


Rep. King: New White House Counsel Brought In To Protect...ACORN! [TPM]


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