Gridiron Dinner Features Usual Masturbatory Hijinks, Minus The President


Barack Obama missed out on themuch-ballyhooed Gridiron Dinner this weekend, an event in which journalists and politicians sit around very expensive tables with long white linen tablecloths and quietly give each other handjobs. Instead the president stayed at Camp David with his family, blah. Fortunately, Joe Biden attended the dinner and brought home the larfs.

He made a joke about Obama staying home and preparing for Easter, because "he thinks it's about him." This is terribly offensive because we all know there is no Muslim Easter.

Biden also cracked wise about how Tim Geithner will just randomly give money to whatever hobo (Citigroup, AIG) asks for it, which HAHAHA, yes, he just piles up the taxpayer dollars in a big heap and then he rolls around on them and lights them on fire, for fun! Joe Biden is completely distasteful.

In Obama's absence, Biden delights in bashing boss [AP]


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