Grief-Striken Man Gives Inaccurate Account; Please Attribute to Liberal Bias

MSNBC reports that the emotional testimony of Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard on "Meet the Press" two weeks ago -- in which he recounted a stranded mother's horrific daily pleas for help that ended in death -- "conflicts" with the timeline of known events. No one is accusing Broussard of lying exactly -- he was "confused," there was "a misunderstanding," that kind of thing. We'd like to believe the best about him, ourselves. Still, the central point of his story has been toppled. The lagging federal response didn't kill Thomas Rodrigue's mother, though someone did: The owners of the nursing home where she drowned are being charged with her death, and the deaths of over 30 other residents. For some on the left, not being able to blame the Bush administration for this woman's death will be a disappointment. For some on the right, the undercutting of Broussard's account will be brandished as evidence of media bias and vindication of local authorities' culpability. We'd like to ask the theater critics to sit down, because the coroners are still coming through.

An emotional moment and a misunderstanding [MSNBC]

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