Gross Fox Sports Douche Man Under Impression CNN Is Own Personal Beer Commercial

Post-Racial America
Gross Fox Sports Douche Man Under Impression CNN Is Own Personal Beer Commercial

Indispensable tweet machine Yashar Ali has some grossness to end our day, and it is Brooke Baldwin of CNN being completely slimed on by a Fox Sports maggot. Watch it above! Live through the perfectly distilled douchery of one Clay Travis, who is talking about Jamele Hill and the teeny kerfuffle at ESPN this week, when Hill, an ESPN anchor, tweeted (correctly) that Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

There are only two things in this country that have never let me down, Travis intones, and that is the First Amendment and boobs. Baldwin's other guest, Keith Reed, is so disgusted with Travis that he can't stop making Tucker Carlson Face. Baldwin herself takes about a minute to determine that yes, he's coming on her show to make like a common Donald Trump popping Tic-Tacs and mauling Katy Tur's face.

We are with Travis on both the First Amendment and boobs, but you don't see us going on TV and rubbing our dick on the host. Have some fucking respect and save it for Fox, where they're used to that kind of thing, you dumb cracker wad of cum.

BOO HISS also it's your OPEN THREAD.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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