Gross WaPo Headline Announces Rick Perry Has 'Huge Opening'

Gross WaPo Headline Announces Rick Perry Has 'Huge Opening'

Thank you,Washington Post, our crappy lunch tasted better on the way back up. The killjoys in editorial have already changed this headline to read "Rick Perry has 'huge' opening as many in the GOP establishment remain uncommitted," which does not matter because we now have our screen capture for the rest of eternity and every "Rick Perry is gay" rumor post ever written.

This is what counts as political reportage these days, typing about candidates' "openings." You think that's subtle, do you? Just watch, dear friends, this is only the beginning. We are a year and a half out still. The words "Bachmann," "Santorum" and "backdoor" could very easily appear in a "real journalism" sentence together sooner than you think.

Also, the quote from the WaPo article that gave us this amazing headline has so many blow job references that we do not even know where to start:

“It’s a huge opening for Rick Perry — huge, huge, huge,” said New Hampshire operative Mike Dennehy, who is neutral in the race. “If he announces and really announces with a bang, he could gobble up a solid third of the Republican Party establishment in New Hampshire and, I do believe, nationally.”

"HUGE HUGE HUGE BANG GOBBLE" is how we read that. Thanks, enjoy. [WaPo]


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