Grover Norquist Abuses the Sacred Ethical Code of Washington Lobbying

ramstadnorquist.jpgAlleged defrauder Grover Norquist with noted drunk Jim Ramstad

What we've gathered from today's Post piece on the Senate Finance Committee's report on Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist's dirty deeds: They weren't done dirt cheap.

In exchange for Norquist's opposition to taxes on Brown-Forman products, Norquist recommended that a $50,000 donation be made to Americans for Tax Reform, according to an Abramoff e-mail.

Wait, it costs fifty grand to get Grover Norquist to oppose a tax? Doesn't the guy oppose every tax? Automatically? Isn't this like paying Dr. James Dobson fifty grand to oppose, like, gay people being allowed to hold hands in public?

Ok, we're trying to get a handle on this: Jack Abramoff is accused of getting lots of money from his clients and giving it to Grover Norquist to further his client's goals. I.e., "lobbying." And Grover is accused of taking that money from Abramoff and then writing op-eds favoring positions he already favored. If any lobbyists would like to pay us thousands of dollars per George Allen post, we're in the book.

Report Says Nonprofits Sold Influence to Abramoff [WP]


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