Grow Your Own Squash And Peas Or Starve Forever

  • The city of Rio de Janeiro is erecting walls around its numerous slums in order to "protect the forests" on the hillsides; these walls also have the possibly-not-unintended side effect of "confining the poors." [Wall Street Journal]
  • CIA Director Leon Panetta said he wondered if Dick Cheney wanted America to be attacked by terrorists so that he could say "I told you so," which -- goodness gracious, as Don Rumsfeld used to say. [New Yorker]
  • Most of the international community sort of tiptoed around the question of whether or not Iran's recent election was legitimate, although the Canadians allowed that they were "deeply concerned" about allegations of vote fraud. [CNN]
  • Seven of nine kidnapped members of a relief group in Yemen were found dead. The two survivors were children. [AFP]
  • "Unpaid time off" often translates to "working for free" in our wonderful new economy, where employers don't have the money to pay workers and yet there is as much work to do as ever. [New York Times]
  • Yay it's BOOM TIMES in the world of vegetable-seed sales, now that we're all growing Victory Gardens. [Washington Post]

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