Caravan ​Bebes​ Finally Get Chance To Dance And Play

NBC News brings us an important update on the threat posed to America by the caravan of asylum-seeking Honduran and Guatemalan migrants slowly making its way north, still some 900 miles and weeks away from the US-Mexico border. There are children among the families fleeing violence in their home countries, and children, being children, don't give a fig for US racial panics that have been weaponized to boost rightwing turnout. Children want to play.

The AP reports that while the caravan took a rest break in Juchitan, organizers asked the Mexican government to provide buses to take the asylum seekers the rest of the way to Mexico City to meet with government representatives. Not that the US wants them to even get that far:

That might not play well with U.S. officials: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday specifically praised Mexico for stopping the migrants from getting rides.

"Mexico has stepped up in an unprecedented way," Sanders told Fox News. "They have helped stop a lot of the transportation means of these individuals in these caravans, forcing them walking. They have helped us in new ways to slow this down, to break this up and keep it from moving as aggressively toward the United States."

Forcing desperate people fleeing violence to walk is very helpful. Also, see those little kids up there, dancing aggressively while their moms tell a reporter all they want is to be safe? We must stop them from getting asylum at all costs, not to mention making sure that if they make it here, they'll be jailed for years or be separated from their parents, and their descendants can never become citizens (or at least lie about that, for votes). Just because a poem attached to a pile of scrap copper in New York Harbor says something doesn't mean it's true.

Here is a photo that ought to bring joy to Sarah Sanders, via political scientist Ian Bremmer:

That's from Washington Post photographer Carolyn Van Houten, who also contributed to a heartbreaking multimedia essay at WaPo today by reporters Kevin Sullivan and Maya Averbuch and another photographers, Jorge Ribas. Together they make the potentially treasonous suggestion that migrants -- in the caravan and elsewhere -- are human beings. Go read it, but avoid the comments.

Earlier during the few days of rest in Juchitan, members of the community arranged a showing of the Disney movie Coco, a good choice considering today is Dia de los Muertos.

Hope everyone got some rest. It's a long way to Mexico City, and the Mexican government -- which has been under constant pressure from our great leader -- ultimately decided not to provide buses.

Don't you feel a lot safer? This is how Donald Trump hopes to maintain a majority in Congress, by the way.

There's something we can do about this. For god's sake, make sure you do that on Tuesday. Make sure everyone you know votes.

Now cry, cry, cry baby cry cry, it is now your OPEN THREAD.

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