Guess Who (NRA) Told Americans (NRA) To Use Guns (NRA) To Stop George Soros (NRA) In 2006?
Jew guessed it!

While rightwing media types have been looking around their collections of well-beslobbered dogwhistles and fretting about all the dangerous liberals who have encouraged murder by not actually encouraging murder, Former Wonkette editor/publisher Ken Layne reminded us t'other day that most of the scary conspiracy theories that drove the mail bomber and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter were already firmly embedded in the rightwing imagination long ago, well before Donald Trump was taken seriously by anyone except his adviser and spokesman "John Barron." And that those particular doses of brain poison had been distilled into an evil little graphic novel by the NRA in 2006. Seriously, people, this shit didn't start with Trump, although he's done what he could to make it official policy.

Here's that little reminder from Ken:

"Freedom In Peril: Guarding the 2nd Amendment in the 21st Century" (link to full PDF download) is more an illustrated rant than a narrative comic. And golly, is it fucking nuts. Here is George Soros, coming to globalize you with his pimples and age spots!

Oh look, scary text about the international cosmopolitan string-puller! (We've cut some stuff from the original, but with this shit, context does not help.)

A globalist who believes in a borderless spread of international gun control and an end to US sovereignty, huh? May as well have called Soros a "rootless cosmopolitan" while they were at it. And by god, you have to be ready to "defeat the threat with a swift and certain sword" if necessary. Or an AR-15, if that's what you have handy and you need to do some ethnic cleansing.

Want more panic about the "ONE-WORLD EXTREMISTS" who want to ban guns AND fill the USA up with whiny crying refugees? They've got that covered too, with a crying child of uncertain nonwhite ethnicity who's too ugly for any smart US family to take in:

Horrifying, sure but scariest of all? Little bastard has the whole world in his or her dirty hands already, because George Soros gave it away! Oh, but that's not all! THEY have been bringing in immigrants, who are multiethnic but mostly Messican, also murderers and rapists bent on shooting YOUR CHILDREN from their armored lowrider '68 Impala of MUERTE:

Worse, the cops are actually prevented by liberal lawmakers from even asking about gangbangers' immigration status, because sanctuary-city liberals want you to die.

Also, let's not forget the media wants to scare you. But in a bad way, the kind that makes you want to ban guns, not the good way, like this comic that's simply educating you about the need to BUY MANY GUNS NOW! NOT ENOUGH, BUY MORE!

Gee, this all seems so very up to date, don't it? Like ALL FUCKING LAST WEEK up to date? It's identifying the targets, almost like a Dana Loesch video!

No sword there, but Dana's still ready to fight to the death, albeit with a metaphorical weapon what isn't a gun, so she is totally not saying to shoot anyone:

The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth. I'm the National Rifle Association of America, and I'm freedom's safest place.

She really puts the "ick!" in "stochastic terrorism."

Of course, some of the comic's fears are a bit more identifiably 2006, like our absolute favorite illustration of the Animal-Rights Terrorists coming for you: the terrorist lobster, the dynamite owl, the Dire Wolf, the Very Angry Chicken, and of course the hairy-legged kitty-tattooed Dyke of Doom:

Now, we should note that the comic was never officially published. Ken Layne said on the Twitter it was simply "a little too early to be so blatant, so after I exposed it on 12/22/2006, NRA never distributed it." In fact, it was so thoroughly over the top that some sources accused KEN of faking it, and come on, he is no "artist," say what you will about the aesthetic charms of the Wonkbot. But it's real as fuck, as far as we can tell. Ken said at the time he "received it from an anonymous DC tipster," as was the fashion in those days. The pics appears to be the work of graphic artist Chris Gall, whose caricatures of Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy were in both the pamphlet and adorned the January 2007 cover of an NRA magazine, so there's not a lot of doubt about its provenance. The NRA later acknowledged it was theirs, but insisted it was "stolen" while it was still in draft form. Funny, they never found the right moment to release it.

But wait, Dok, you are saying to yourself, if this was never released, then how can you say it even influenced anyone, you silly? What, do you expect me to vanish in a puff of logic?

Hell, that's merely a matter of packaging.

The THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU BE READY TO SHOOT THEM trope is the NRA's stock in trade, from virtually everything on NRA-TV to Wayne LaPierre's periodic BE TERRIFIED AND ARMED speeches, not to mention a near-infinite stream of preppers' apocalyptic fantasies, like this fantastic bit of agitprop (supposedly about the breakdown of civil order after a natural disaster) that may as well be the cover of the next reprint of The Turner Diaries.

This sucker is an impressive two-page spread in the original.

It's a dangerous world full of Messicans and rapists and Democrats and Jews out there, and you need to be ready. And it's now the worldview of the Republican Party. As Ken Layne replied to someone on Twitter who said the 2006 Wonkette post was "breathtaking,"

We still find it a little hard to breathe.

["Freedom in Peril" full PDF / BoingBoing / Ken Layne on Twitter]

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