Okay, this was the blind item we asked you about:

WHICH daughter of a high-powered politician should be more careful about telling people of her raging cocaine habit? The misguided girl wrote an e-mail to pals saying, "I did blow all night - it was wild!"

Among the commenters, several names emerged. One suggested Ashley Biden, who was previously arrested in Chicago; but the charge was obstructing a police officer, not a drug charge. Another raised Noelle Bush as a possibility, which drew a scoffing response: "Noelle Bush doing coke's not news."

Given that the item appeared in the New York Post, several suggested that the daughter in question probably has a New York connection. Chelsea Clinton was jokingly named (jokingly, since she's probably too much of a goody-goody to do coke).

Georgina Bloomberg was another guess. Well, she does have a pierced tongue -- and wears a $1,600 gown while riding a horse. That's pretty nutty!

We got lots of emails on this too. We share the contents of them with you after the jump (because they're too scandalous to put on the main page).

Maybe we dismissed Ashley Biden too quickly as a suspect. Here's one email we received:

The daughter of the "high powered politician" with an affinity for Bolivian marching powder is absolutely Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley. I would know b/c I went to college with her and knew her fairly well. The girl was an absolute vacuum.

Some more support for the commenter who guessed Georgina Bloomberg:

without a doubt Georgina Bloomberg, now with hopes for Olympic gold, the pressure's on. and come on, what private school girl who likes trotting on steads doesn't like some blow once and while

Another guess for someone with New York ties:

Pataki's daughter [Emily Pataki] is apparently a big-time party girl. Same for the sons.

Some more guesses, concerning daughters of current or former presidents or presidential candidates:

like father like daughter.... Chelsea Clinton of course! although Amy Carter is also a major coke head so it could be her, I see her at the clubs all the time.

Widely known to be none other than Eleanor Mondale.

Jenna Bush. In Rolling Stone a couple years ago, Ashton Kucher said she and Bar were doing bong hits at his place, and the only question the Secret Service had for him was whether they'd be spending the night. So they're not on tight tethers. And of course, W is rumored to have had a taste for blow. But Jenna is too easy. I'd like to think it was Chelsea -- Uncle Roger says her old man could hoover that shit with the best of them. And she's had some public displays of pissy-pants drunkenness, table dancing, etc... But [who] would be reckless and stupid enough to cop to felony drug use in an email that could makes it's way around the world in less time than it takes to watch that godammn movie she made? I mean, who's that reckless and stupid? Which brings me back to Jenna.

It is Al Gore's daughter. I met her dealer at a party in Alexandria once, he wouldn't shut up about it either. [Ed. note: Karenna Gore or Kristin Gore?]

We have our doubts about some of these guesses. The blind item refers to the cocaine user as a "girl," which would probably rule out Amy Carter, Eleanor Mondale, and Karenna Gore. All of them are over 30 (and Kristin Gore turns 30 next year).

Jeez -- so much speculation, so many possibilities! The upshot of all this is that we have absolutely no clue as to who the cokehead might be. All of the foregoing guesses should be taken with an entire shaker full of salt.

Here's the one thing that we can be sure of: lots of politicians' daughters are behaving very, very badly.

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