Guest Blogger Seeks Hairdo Tips

Good morning! Some of you know me as Peteykins while others know me as Princess Sparkle Pony, but through Friday you can call me Wonkette, as the overlords at Gawker Media have plucked me, dew-fresh and daisylike, to fill in for the rest of the week. You'll have to forgive me because in real life I'm a museum staffer here in DC, so I'm not exactly accustomed to wearing pajamas during the daylight hours, and also, wouldn't you know it, on the days when I get to be Wonkette, my favorite person to write about, Condoleezza Rice, is nowhere to be found, so I'm in search of other noteworthy hairdo scofflaws to laud. So, seriously, Hill staffers, if ever there was a time to air your coiffure-related gripes, by all means send your tips to


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