Guest Editor Relieved by Chris Dodd's Hair Disclosures

So whiteGood morning! Princess Sparkle Pony here, and I'll be tarting the place up today and tomorrow as guest blogger. I don't know about you, but few things are more important to me than what grows out of the heads of the various presidential candidates, and I'm not talking about the extra face on the back of Dennis Kucinich's noggin (have you ever seen a photo of the back of his head? I didn't think so.)!

So imagine my relief when I saw Chris Dodd's latest campaign ad, in which he sits with his hairdresser --sorry, barber-- and launches into a painstaking, strand-by-strand inventory of each snowy white tress and how it got so gosh-durned white. It turns out that it's all because of Republicans! And now I understand! What I really love, though, is the subtext: this salon --sorry, barbershop-- doesn't charge $400, and I'm not going to let my coiffure ruin my presidential ambitions... unlike some Democrats!

Why is Chris Dodd's Hair so White? [CNN]


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