Guest Spitzer Analyst On CNN Allegedly Bit Topless Dancer!

He confesses to nothing, because he is not wearing the regulation red-striped confession tieWhen CNN was looking for authorities yesterday to comment on the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal, they found someone with real experience in the field: a former U.S. attorney who had to quit his job after a stripper said he had bitten her, on the arm, when he was all drunk and sad about losing a big drug case. So now the alleged stripper-biter makes his money providing informed commentary to news channels like CNN!

He was on the show on Tuesday, talking about what kind of charges Eliot Spitzer might face for being such a whoremonger. Coffey said he didn't see anything weird about being asked to comment.

In fact, he told the Miami Herald that his and Spitzer's stories "are light years apart" (perhaps because Spitzer was not a biter?). Additionally, Coffey's was "a single drinking episode," while Spitzer may very well have been stone cold sober while he was off galivanting with $4300 strumpets.

Spitzer sex saga draws biting commentary [Miami Herald]

CNN says analyst should have skipped Spitzer story [AP]


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