'Guilt For History Hypothalamus' Is The Largest Erogenous Zone

* Brain study of liberal Democrats in captivity discovers advanced development of the "bleeding heart lobe." [Warst]

* Alberto Gonzales "secret hiring order" printed in all caps, SO HE WOULDN'T FORGET. [TPM Muckracker]

* Elizabeth Edwards sooo regrets not punching Jay Carney in the face last night. [Swampland]

* Jon Voight says America has broken the honorary 28th amendment and "forgotten about 9/11." [Newsbusters]

* Rupert Murdoch plans to use awesome power for forces of good? [Grist]

* Hamas' "Death to America" Mouse has his show canceled. [JPost]

* Is "Lou Dobbs the next Don Imus?" In our fucking dreams. [Stop the ACLU]


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