And now this deer is dead.John Hugya, Pennsylvania Representative Jack Murtha's chief of staff, used Murtha campaign funds to buy a rifle and some knives and other gun-nut baubles at an auction held by the Friends of the National Rifle Association. And then Hugya counted the $2151 he spent as a gift from the Murtha campaign, even though the Murtha folks said the money was a payment to Friends of the NRA for "advertising." Talk about a scandal!

Murtha's people said that they sent Hugya to go buy some crap at the auction and then when he actually bought the aforementioned crap they were like, "Enh, keep it! What use do we have for an expensive old gun?" However, Ethics Experts say this is a horrible perversion of justice, because politicial campaigns should not shower their staff with fancy gifts.

The point, America, is this: Jack Murtha has never been a great paragon of Washington ethics, and now one of his aides has an expensive gun from Charlton Heston.

Rep. Murtha aide used campaign cash for rifle [The Hill]


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