Gun Nuts Will Protest 2nd Amendment By Bringing Their Guns Everywhere Today

  • A bunch of paranoid gun fanatics will gather today at two federal parks on the Virginia side of the Potomac, taking advantage of new federal legislation signed by President Barack Obama, and using a federal park permit, to protest the federal government taking away the rights of paranoid gun fanatics to brandish their weapons and scream about the federal government. Do not go anywhere near Gravelly Point or Fort Hunt Park today, because one of these retards is going to accidentally (?) start shooting people, or maybe an asteroid (God) will come down and "solve America's problems." [Washington Post]
  • You know who else was a crazy wingnut who hated people who worked for his country's government so much that he blew up the Oklahoma city federal building and murdered 168 people, including 19 little kids at daycare? Timothy McVeigh, the former government soldier. That was 15 years ago today. [Bill Clinton/NYT]
  • About 40 lamers from a pretend-Nazi white militia from Detroit (?!) went to Los Angeles to protest Mexicans. But they were shouted down -- and beaten! -- by local hippies. Good work, hippies! [LA Times]
  • How is this not a surprise: Coachella had its biggest crowd ever, and "Rap Rock" was the big attraction. Jesus fucking christ. [NYT]

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