• Obama's big speech last night was a success, as he compared McCain to Bush and it included a number of good burns. The subsequent fireworks also indicated success.  [Politico]
  • Putin blamed (who else) President Bush for the Georgian conflict, and explained that this whole thing was created just to drum up support for a certain unnamed person running for President who is not Barack Obama. [New York Times]
  • Today is McCain's 72nd birthday, and he will celebrate by choosing a vice president, maybe 73 vice presidents (one for good luck). [Washington Post]
  • New Orleans prepares itself for Tropical Storm Gustav with their old FEMA friends, while Gustav prepares for New Orleans by flooding Jamaica. [Times-Picayune]
  • Oil prices will probably have their biggest weekly gain in two months, thanks to Gustav and all the rig evacuations in the Gulf of Mexico it is causing. [Bloomberg]
  • The audience at Invesco Field last night was very pleased with Obama's speech, and cheered and stayed silent at all the appropriate times. [New York Times]
  • In his speech, Al Gore compared Obama to Lincoln and said that if the 2000 election had gone differently, Osama would be dead, Iraq would be not be such a mess, and we would be working towards solving global warming. [The Hill]

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