Guy Runs Up and Dumps Bag of Pennies In Front of Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate


Republican nominee for governor of Minnesota Tom Emmer supports "tip credit," the policy of most states of a lower minimum wage for waiters because they make tips, but he made the mistake of saying waiters are making $100,000 a year in tips and hurting their employers. That angered waiters and such, so he had to hold a town hall meeting for them. And some guy wearing a messenger bag came up anddropped an NPR tote full of 2,000 pennies in front of the guy.

The smug look and then pennies happen at 0:35 or so in this video:

[youtube expand=1]

Haha, hockey! Nice comeback. Hockey players are best known for never jumping.

The pennies were supposed to be a "tip" for Emmer, don't you see? No you probably don't. What?

Yes, this doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is generally a fun idea to dump 20 bucks worth of change in front of your nearest politician. This should be a YouTube meme. This should be the new bro icing.

Can you imagine dumping a bag of pennies on, say, Daniel Inouye? Yes, as that is a video that will appear on the Wonkette YouTube account next week. "Hey Coinstar, eat my pennies!" Hah. [TPM]


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