Guy Who's Not Actually Running For President Isn't Raising Enough Money To Run For President

Fred, Jeri and the Twins - WonketteNot only is Hollywood Fred Thompson a dumb lazy liberal abortionist lobbyist globalist conspirator, he's also doing a lame job of raising money for his fake campaign for the GOP nomination. The Nixon Snitch has raised so little money with his non-campaign that his non-campaign manager and some non-campaign staffers have already quit.

Oh, but Mary Matalin just said, from Croatia, that she's staying with the campaign. Even though, you know, she's in Croatia, which is a country in Europe on the other side of the planet. Is she getting the Croats jazzed up about Thompson '08?

Meanwhile, Thompson's only collected about $3 million in June when everybody knew he needed at least $5 million to look serious. The fundraising has fallen off "markedly" as people realize he won't ever actually make it official and start actually campaigning.

Oh, and his wife is running the whole operation, like what color to make the bumper stickers and shit. Losers.

The Fred File: Money and the Jeri Factor [MSNBC First Read]


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