Guy With the Shirt

* Ready to give up and join the circus? They're apparently holding tryouts in Meridian Hill Park. Photographic evidence included. [DCist]

* "We were on the metro together during the evening rush hour yesterday. You looked so hot with your hair and your clothes. You had an ipod. We made eye contact a few times. I was the guy with the ipod and the shirt. Remember me?" [Missed Connections]

* Why little girls like/are like ponies: an epiphany. [Poofy Goo]

* "My anti-Americanism has peaked. Like most Americans, I don't care anymore. Give me the serenity for what I cannot control, etc." [RooshV]

* So what if you waddle? At least you're comfortable, if slightly unattractive. [Who am I? Why am I Here?]

* "WHAT??!? STING ISN'T DEAD??!?" [We Has a Winner]


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