GWU Prof to AU Students: Grow Some Balls

banzhaf.jpgYesterday, we were alerted to a suggestion made by law professor John Banzhaf to the students of American University -- urging them to use the courts to yank ousted jackass Benjamin Ladner upside down by the heels and shake him down for the green he made off with by following the same tack that GWU students used against that sex-machine of yesteryear, Spiro Agnew.

Under an ancient legal writ almost forgotten by modern jurisprudence, but which GWU's law students were able to resuscitate and use, the legal rights of an entity (e.g., a state or university) can sometimes be asserted on its behalf by people who are represented by the entity and injured by its failure to act (e.g., taxpayers, or students and faculty) even if the entity itself refuses to take or to join in legal action.

By all appearances, the makings of sound advice. Yet we can't help but notice that there's a little internecine subtext happening in this message from one rival DC University to another. Id est: Back in the day, GWU students rescued some ancient legal knowledge, Dirk Pitt-steez, and maybe you AU students can follow in our footsteps...that is, if you're not a bunch of PUSSIES.

Far be it from us to suggest that Banzhaf is acting in any way outside the boundaries of "intentional integrity", even though he happens to teach law at the very Foggy Bottom Borg whose legal victory he celebrates. But if you really believe that there isn't at least a discernible whiff of gamesmanship, then brother, I have got a plot of undeveloped land right off Washington Circle to sell you.

GWU Professor Suggests Ladner Lawsuit [DCist]


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