HA, 'Boycott McDonald's' Thing Ends In Holy Victory Over Gays


Regular readers may remember agolden period of mockery over the summer regarding the American Family Association's "Boycott McDonald's" initiative, in which a bunch of fat slobs ceased taking their 12 kids to McDonald's 78 times a week because some vice president gave money to some San Francisco gay cause once. There were funny comments and we laughed, because who were these fucking people just cold validatin' every stereotype about Bitters? And yet, McDonald's has now caved in to their demands to remain "neutral" in the "culture wars," which these fundie idiots think is an actual hot war between Orcs and Dwarves.

From the Boycott McDonald's site:

Great news! Because of AFA supporters like you, McDonald’s has told AFA it will remain neutral in the culture war regarding homosexual marriage. AFA is ending the boycott of McDonald’s. As you know, AFA called for the boycott in May after McDonald’s joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

McDonald’s said it’s Vice President, Richard Ellis, has resigned his position on the board of directors of NGLCC and his seat on the board will not be replaced. McDonald’s also said that the company has no plans to renew it’s membership in NGLCC when it expires in December.

In an e-mail to McDonald’s franchised owners, the company said, “It is our policy to not be involved in political and social issues. McDonald’s remains neutral on same sex marriage or any ‘homosexual agenda’ as defined by the American Family Association.”

“I wanted to leave a comment, but there is no way to type a comment in.”

Announcement [Boycott McDonald's via Radar]


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