Hadassah Lieberman Must Divorce Joe Lieberman If She Wishes To Continue Raising Money For Cancer Research


The Progressive Blogs, a feared and highly organized hegemonic force, are very upset with Hadassah Lieberman for continuing to raise money for breast cancer research despite being married to her husband, Joe Lieberman. This is disgraceful, and a mockery to the literally millions of other people who raise money for breast cancer research all the time but manage to do so without being incidentally and totally unrelatedly married to Joe Lieberman.

Hadassah Lieberman's marriage to Joe Lieberman cannot go unpunished. She will now feel the consequences of this, when she is told to stop her charity work, which, of course, actually benefits other people:

The move to pressure the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation came the same day Lieberman's husband angered Democrats by announcing that he would not support an expansion of Medicare to cover individuals under the age of 55. Organizers did not point to that decision, instead citing Hadassah Lieberman's own ties to the health care industry.

Lieberman has worked as a consultant for companies including Pfizer and ALCO.

"We are asking Ellen DeGeneres, Christie Brinkley and other high-profile celebrities who are associated with Komen to demand that no more money raised for cancer treatment be given to Hadassah Lieberman or any other ex-Pharma/Insurance strategists," said Jane Hamsher, founder of the Firedoglake blog.

This makes sense! Especially the asking-Ellen-Degeneres-to-demand-people-stop-giving-money-for-cancer-treatments part.

[CNN Political Ticker]


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