Halperin: It's Hard to Be a Saint In This City

Another chapter in the election-cycle rise of famous-for-DC sightings in national media: ABC mid-level manager gets a write-up in the New Yorker. Apparently he does the entire job by himself...

Yet, in order to avoid missing a single moment of the news cycle, he has forsaken much that he used to enjoy: sports pages, novels, naps, uninterrupted vacations, Broadway shows, leisurely walks, silence.
That's right folks, he's given up Broadway shows. Please, subscribe to First Read so the guy can finally see that Hugh Jackman musical about the gay.

UPDATE: Apparently "The Boy from Oz" is no longer playing. However, if you don't subscribe to Morning Grind, Halperin will also have to give up pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.



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