'Hannah Montana Bill' Gets Minnesota Legislators Hot

Minnesota's legislature thinks it's the bee's knees these days because it is the first state legislature to pass what is known as a "Hannah Montana bill" in Insider Parlance. The bill -- named after potentially whorish "tween-age pop TV icon" Miley Cyrus' Disney channel character -- bans software that enables "vendors to grab up blocks of tickets before much of the public can" and then sell them back online for hundreds of millions of dollars. Apparently many, many people wanted to see this underage gal lip-sync some songs last year but could not.

The bill is the underage brainchild of state Rep. Joe Atkins, who witnessed abject poverty one time in his life and couldn't bear to let it continue:

Atkins said he was inspired to introduce the bill after watching a story on KARE-TV last fall on the frustration of parents like Terri Gearhart, an Oakdale mother unable to buy tickets online through Ticketmaster for daughters Gabby and Gracie, and unwilling to buy them for hundreds elsewhere.

Meanwhile, people don't have homes or food. But thanks to Joe Atkins, they'll sure as shit have some Hannah Montana tickets!

'Hannah Montana ban' is a hit at Capitol [Star-Tribune]


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