Hannity Just Saying Maybe He Won't Get Covid Vaccine, YOU HEAR THAT, NANA?

We're starting to see the contours of how Fox News hosts are going to poison their white viewers' brains during the Biden years. Yesterday, we went through scenes from Monday's episodes of Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour and Laura Ingraham's Other White Power Hour, as they openly sympathized with people who believe in QAnon, teaching the people watching that they should have sympathy for, and find common cause with, the domestic terrorists who attacked the US Capitol on January 6.

So what's Hannity telling them about? You know, besides Hunter Biden's laptop? (Seriously.)

Oh nothing, he's just telling them maybe they shouldn't get the coronavirus vaccine. He's not saying those words explicitly, he's just sharing his own personal feelings about how maybe he'll get it, maybe he won't, MAYBE IT'S BAD, NANA, MAYBE IT'S BAD:

HANNITY: I don't know when my number gets called, I'm actually beginning to have doubts. I've been telling my friends I'm getting the vaccine. Half of them agree and the other half think I'm absolutely nuts. They wouldn't take it in a million years. I don't know who to listen to.

Cool. Maybe Sean Hannity isn't going to get vaccinated. Why? Reasons. Because half of his friends think he's crazy to get it, because obviously half of his friends are dumber than Donald Trump, which is breathtaking if true. Just a bunch of people running around with their pants stuck on their shoulders because they tried to put them on over their heads.

IDEA: Maybe Sean Hannity should listen to the half of his friends who are not absolute morons?

The vaccine, according to all the actual experts we should actually be listening to, is safe. They've had it stuck in their arms on live TV. And getting everybody vaccinated, or at least a high enough percentage of us, is the only way to get anywhere close to the type of herd immunity that would actually stop the transmission of the virus, which, to be clear, has killed over 425,000 American souls so far.

Rupert Murdoch got the fucking vaccination, for God's sake.

But here's Hannity, telling your impressionable Nana that maybe she shouldn't trust it, because he's not sure he trusts it, because #reasons.

Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced his administration is ordering 200 million more doses of the vaccine — 100 million more of Pfizer, 100 million more of Moderna — to be delivered in the summer, and that with those doses, we'd be able to get 300 million people fully vaccinated by the end of the summer. It's taken the Biden administration a whole week, but we finally have a distribution plan to get the American population vaccinated. (That was a joke about how Biden has literally been president only a week and already he's done one million things Trump couldn't accomplish in four years.)

And let's be clear who Hannity's bullshit affects, because it is the old white people who watch his show, many of whom are among the most vulnerable in our society. But meh, he's not sure he's gonna get it.

Elsewhere on last night's episode of Hannity, the host told his viewers that it's "unconstitutional" to put Trump on trial in the Senate (it is not), and besides, the charge of incitement of violence against Trump is "bogus" because the DEMOCRATS are the ones guilty of inciting insurrection.

This video of Trump's January 6 hate rally would beg to differ.

And elsewhere on Fox News, Maria Bartiromo and the batshit British one have been spreading insane disinfo about how COVID-19 wouldn't exist if Dr. Anthony Fauci hadn't made it happen:

We honestly don't even know what to say right now. They're giving people permission to side with literal terrorists, they're sowing disinformation on the coronavirus vaccine, they're still telling people they shouldn't listen to Dr. Fauci, and millions of people are mainlining this, convinced that everybody else is lying to them, and as a result, more people will die.

Thank god you have us.

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