Happy 19th 26th Year of the Bush-Clinton Era!

Always plotting against us ... - WonketteWow, have we been hating the Clintons and Bushes for nineteen years? According to historians, a Bush or Clinton has been president since 1989 -- but by our own accounting, Bush 41 was basically the president with James Baker from 1981 until he took over eight years later, meaning that we're really in the 26th year of the Bush-Clinton Regime.

That is kind of remarkable for a country that pretends not to have a monarchy.

If Hillary wins -- or if Al Gore jumps in later this year and pretty handily wins the election -- we have the exciting opportunity to see up to 36 years of uninterrupted rule by the Bush-Clintons, at which point several other Bushes will be ready to be the "Republican President." By then, of course, they'll be running the Estados Unidos de Amexicanada.

I'm Tired of Bushes and Clintons [Common Dreams]


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