Kamala Harris, It Is Your Birthday!

It's Kamala Harris's birthday! The senator and Democratic vice presidential nominee is 56 today. And she grew up in California, so that's some mighty resilient skin! This particular birthday for this particular Black lady has special meaning for me, because my mother was 56 when she passed away. Although she lived to see Barack Obama elected (but not inaugurated), she definitely would've enjoyed seeing Harris kicking ass and scaring white boys.

Speaking of which, I was searching YouTube for some cool Kamala clips for this post and this was the first thing that came up. Social media is just so biased against conservatives.

Sounds great!YouTube

I don't watch Ben Shapiro videos if I can help it, because his face and voice are stupid. It says a lot that the image of this calm, sane, bomb-ass woman is supposed to freak out conservatives. Maybe Republicans have conceded that comparing Joe Biden to Mr. Rogers wasn't brilliant politics, so now they're retreating to the familiar "SCARY WOMAN MIGHT RUN THINGS."

Stop wetting yourself. This country's had men in charge for centuries. We can manage with a woman next in line to the presidency. She'll have a seat at the table with Uncle Joe, who'll actually listen to her. We might even get to leave the house next year.

Unfortunately, the Internets insist that Harris isn't a fellow Gen Xer but a late Boomer like Michelle Obama and her husband. [The Internet is wrong on all counts. โ€” Editrix] Fine, stick us with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, but c'mon, man, just check out the sister's college haircut.

Harris also appreciates rap music and gave a winking nod to the Gen X conspiracy theory that Tupac is still alive. (Or she just misunderstood the question.)

Further proof that Harris belongs to my generation is that she's spending her birthday with The Avengers.

Boomers would want to do something with the Rolling Stones, or a nice bowl of porridge.

The best present we can give Harris is to vote and get out the vote for everyone who wants to end this nightmare. In just two weeks, Kamala Harris could become vice president-elect of the United States. We can dare to dream if we are moved to action.

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And now your open thread.

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