Happy Birthday to the USA: Home of the World's Funniest Press Conference Props

nasa01.jpgBut then, it's what you do with the foam, isn't it? (Getty Images)

You may have noticed: Half the editors, half the content. And it's a holiday. And (did we mention?) we have a cold. But don't worry -- this is a one-time occurrence, and your beloved Wonkette will be back up and running with two exciting and attractive editors by mid-week. In the meantime, we're going to go crash a barbecue and cough all over the brats. You guys feel free to enjoy these vaguely dirty (in a sophomoric way) photos from the NASA "We're Still Incompetent" presser, courtesy Getty Images. We couldn't pick just one to snicker at, so there are more after the jump.

Even if the shuttle does blow up tomorrow, we're still not working.




nasa05.jpgAll photos copyright Getty Images.


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