Happy 'Buy A Mattress And A Used Car To Honor George Washington' Day!

  • A British official commenting on military operations in Afghanistan noted that "it is about protecting the local population, and you don't protect them when you kill them." That is a true and actual quote! How little this man knows about the Art of War! [Guardian]
  • The Belgian public commuter train system got all D.C. metro-y and crashed during rush hour, killing at least 10 people. [Reuters]
  • The CDC quote says that about 17,000 people in the United States have probably been killed by the Mexican Pig AIDS so far. [Reuters]
  • Kevin Smith, the director, got thrown off a Southwest flight because he was allegedly too fat to fly. Southwest apologized by TWITTER, which was humiliating, and offered him a sweet $100 voucher. [BBC News]
  • Let's hope that Hillary Clinton's next meeting with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah goes better than the last one, which ended with them viciously pulling each other's hair and wrestling in the lily pond. [Washington Post]
  • Joe Biden and Dick Cheney held the first vice presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle on dueling Sunday talk shows. The two rivals fought to a draw, with Cheney winking flirtatiously but saying little of substance. [Washington Post]

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