Happy D-Day, Awesome Veteran Granddad Guy! And To All You Other Ones Too


If you enjoy having deep, loving feelings about people you've never met, check out this tale of the WWII veteran who was lost (and found) in Europe this week:

An 89-year-old veteran who went missing from his retirement home in Sussex, England yesterday morning has been located: He showed up today on the beachhead of Normandy, medals pinned to his coat, to take in the anniversary celebration of the D-Day invasion.

It seems former Hove, England town mayor Bernard Jordan just wanted to celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day (check out Wonkette's hilarious post if you want to know how FOX News would've covered the original D-Day.) So why not get on a bus to France, meet up with a younger vet, split a hotel room, and go to the beach? Hell, when you're 89, you probably don't worry about things like "letting everyone know where you're going." Because fuck it, you survived a war and more, and when you want to go on vacation, you're going the hell on vacation.



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