Happy Entire Decade of Failed U.S. War In Afghanistan


It's Yom Kippur, everybody! Happy solemn Day of Atonement! And in the "anti-day of atonement," it's also the 10th Anniversary of the Endless Fucked-up Failed Loser War In Afghanistan Against Who-the-Fuck-Even-Knows. Hooray for that?! Of course, the utterly random Afghanistan Occupation has been ahuge success for the military contractors from Blackwater to Pepsi, and a massive WIN for the death-machine & drone industry. And we guess it has given otherwise unemployable youth something to do with their time, and also it's been good for the global slavery business and opium trade. So, uh, bright side?

But how did the "Afghanis" -- and we still laugh/weep when we see U.S. papers referring to the Afghan people as "Afghanis," which is like referring to Americans as "dollars" ... which makes a certain kind of sense, when you think about it ... eh what were we even typing about? WOW GOOD OPIUM TONIGHT ... Oh yeah, how are the Afghan People thanking us for freedom today? Let's see, there's a video youtube clip somewhere around this browser WHICH IS SWIMMING IN DELIRIOUS/CALMING COLOR SWIRLS ... uhh:

GAH! Everybody is occupying everything everywhere, even the people of their own various countries, what is even going on, only the American Military/State Dept./Pizza Hut is supposed to occupy shit, GAH HAPPY YOM KIPPUR. [Daily Mail]


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