Happy Father's Day From Wonkette!

Happy Father's Day From Wonkette!

Happy Father's Day! Or not, depending on your relationship with your father and whether or not you have one.

Since it's a holiday, I'm just gonna give you guys a nice open thread to chill on. With some thematic music, because we're festive and stuff.

I thought at first that I was gonna go with the Cat Stevens song "Father and Son" or "Cat's In The Cradle" which is not in fact by Cat Stevens but rather Harry Chapin but like ... I don't want you guys weeping all over the comments. Then the only other songs I could think of were "Papa Don't Preach" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," neither of which seemed particularly complimentary. "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" is ... ew.

So I'm going with this, from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which I think works.

I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way) - feat. Pete Gardner - Crazy Ex Girlfriendwww.youtube.com

Oh! And here's some Tori, which is a very different vibe, but a jam.

Tori Amos - Winter (Official Music Video)www.youtube.com

Oh! You know what? Here's Billy Porter being amazing in Kinky Boots.

Not my Father's Son - Billy Porter & Stark Sandswww.youtube.com

Oh! And since I started doing musicals ... I have just realized that legally I have to include this song from Ragtime. Duh.

Wheels of a Dream (Jessye Norman Tribute) - Brian Stokes Mitchell - 1997 Kennedy Center Honorswww.youtube.com

OK, and this one from Fun Home because I love Fun Home, but that's it.

fun home - telephone wire [animatic]www.youtube.com

I free you now! OPEN THREAD!

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