Happy First Super Bowl Day!

In the name of love, one more in the name of love - WonketteThis country loves football so much, it's crazy! Nothing proves that more than our beloved federal holiday to celebrate the very first Super Bowl.

The magical game truly defined the late 1960s. It was a beautiful day at the Los Angeles Coliseum when the NFL and AFL champions battled for the title of World Champion (of U.S.-style football). Green Bay beat the Kansas City Chiefs before a "non-sell-out crowd." Also, it wasn't even called the Super Bowl -- that dumb name didn't become official until the 1969 game.

Since then, the Super Bowl has been the main (some say only) cultural product of the United States. Many teevee commercials and Janet Jackson's withered old boob are just some of the benefits the Super Bowl provides to Americans. In America's barbaric pre-Super Bowl era, only white entertainers such as George Allen Sr. and Bob Hope could flash their withered old boobs on network television.

Packers Face Chiefs In First Super Bowl [This Day In History]


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