Happy Graduation Day! Let's Watch Obama's Multiple Commencement Addresses Together!


Happy Graduation Day!

Lots of people across the US are pretty bummed that they won't get to walk across a stage or see their kids or other loved ones walk across a stage to graduate from high school or college this year because of the pandemic. But there are some bright sides here. One being that no one who is not an owl looks good in those hats anyway, and the other being that many of them get are getting a very special commencement address today from none other than President Barack Obama himself.

Yeah, no one asked Trump.

President Obama is way into giving commencement addresses. There are like 40,000 videos of him giving commencement addresses on YouTube. He loves them so much that he is doing two of them today and then another one on June 6th. Most people, you know, they'd go "OK, I will just do one graduation speech for everyone in the whole country who is graduating this year and call it a day." But not Obama! Clearly, he's not worried about running out of material.

The first commencement address today is a special address for graduates of HBCUs called "Show Me Your Walk," which will be hosted by Kevin Hart and stream live at 2pm EST. You can watch below! Enjoy!

Show Me Your Walk HBCU Edition youtu.be

Then, at 8pm EST tonight, he'll be doing another one called #GraduateTogether — for all of the high school students in the whole United States — which will air on all of the television stations, basically (ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, FOX) and will also be streaming online. You can watch that one below, but not until 8pm, unless you are really into staring at a still picture for six hours for no reason. I'm not here to judge!

Watch LIVE: Graduate Together 2020 - LeBron James, Obama, more honor the High School Class of 2020 www.youtube.com

That's nice! These kids and their parents deserve something special, so hopefully they all enjoy this and also have some good cake or some other kind of celebratory dessert. And maybe they can even wear those hats ... in a room, alone, as God intended.

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