Happy Juneteenth, Happy Summer, Happy WONKMEET TONIGHT!

So after all our scratching and gouging and itchiness the past few weeks at the logjams and lack of progress and general Post-Apocalyptic Stress Disorder, we are all feeling better now, right? I assume yes, since I am, and you are all probably shadow puppets in my brain-universe, I'm pretty sure. Shut up, are too.

One thing we can finally start to do is come out, and gather together, and see us. Shy and I have spent the past six years driving in the Wonkebago to visit with you and buy you beers and grill you sausages — until last year, when like everyone else we huddled at home in (JUSTIFIED) fear — and I can't tell you how badly we missed your smart, pretty faces of love.

We won't be in San Francisco tonight when you gather with Fukui. (I considered a quick plane trip on your dime, but we are actually taking the whole of next week off, and I couldn't fly out for two days right when we had to be getting ready for Big Trip to a cabin in the middle of the sea.)

Donna Rose at the cabin in the middle of the sea

So where will you be joining Fukui tonight? From WONKMEETS!

Join us at Coqueta on the water at Pier 5, The Embarcadero.
We now have a reservation for eight people at Coqueta, which seems kinda fancy. We will be inside, so I hope y'all are vaxxed.
We'll meet outside the ferry building at the open air bar by Boulette's Larder. Our dinner reservation is for 6:15. I'll be there from 4:30 or so, mainly because I like drinking and want to catch up with Milty. Turn up whenever you're ready. That bar closes at six, I think, so if you're later than that we're going to be at Pier Five.

Oh my god, you guys, HAVE THE BEST TIME! For the rest of us, upcoming, we've got:

July 24, Portland, Oregon.

August 12, San Diego.

August 14, Spokane. (We will not be there, because see above, "San Diego." Dok "plans to" go. But we will have another one with you, because we go to Spokane ALL THE TIME for, um, "Trader Joe's.")

August 15, Los Angeles.

Sept. 3-6, the Berkshires with Paul and Holly. (We won't be there either :( )

September, sometime-ish, my house in Polson, Montana.

And here is where I remind you that you, too, can seize the means of WONKMEET production. Just pick a day, pick a park or a brewpub, and let Uncle Milburn know at info@wonkmeet.com.

We need to see us. It's important. It's important to know that we're not alone (especially for the lot of us who live in red states and GOOD LORD), that we're not crazy, they're the ones who're crazy, and most urgently that life is coming back again.

One small point of business: I have decided I won't be doing Saturday morning Top 10 posts anymore, because I've been doing them slapdash and badly, waking up Saturday morning and hurrying through, and because Donna Rose is six now and it's weird to keep putting her pictures all over the Internet forever. So if you want babby pix, guess you'd better sign up for a recurring donation, because those folx definitely gonna get some, maybe, in their most-monthly thank you note. I let Robyn know she can do a Top 10 or a tabs or whatever she likes, but she should have something for you morning gardeners and cat people and daydrinkers to comment around. And I will take a little bit more of my weekends off ... off.

And on that note, I am in the wind for a solid week and more, and I'll see you when I see you, unless you see me first. Be good for Evan and the gang. Celebrate Juneteenth tomorrow with your loved ones if they're nearby. If you're new to it, like we are, we'll figure out traditions as we go. Happiness and sunshine and working towards a more perfect union.

If that's not nice, I don't know what is.


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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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