Happy Mission Accomplished Day! Oh, and Bush Vetoed the Iraq Thing ...

Chevy Chase & Martin Short are BACK! - WonketteFour years ago, George W. Bush bravely stood on a boat anchored in San Diego and boldly declared victory in Iraq. The funny thing is that if the troops had been brought home that day, he could still be declaring victory in Iraq.

Some defeatocrap could say, "Yeah, but a seven-nation war has been going on in the Middle East ever since, and Israel was nuked (by France) and gas is $162 per liter and New York was nuked too and Mexico actually seized California again," and Bush could still say the victorious troops had a victory and then they came home like victorious armies tend to do unless they're run by dimwitted crooks who saw a permanent bloody occupation as the goal.

Anyway, Bush vetoed the Iraq spending/pullout bill, which means we'll be doing variations of this post in 2012, but then the world will end or we will be enslaved by the space monsters, the end.

Bush vetoes war-funding bill with withdrawal timetable [CNN]


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