Happy Politico Day!

politico.jpgThe city's newest waste of sidewalk space, Capitol Hill rag The Politico, launched today with some heavy self-congratulation from all the Post and Time dudes they lured over there with promises of riches. What's the verdict? It's, uh... a website! And some blogs! It's kind of like the Post's politics section, except NEWER and with laxer editing in the in-house blogs:

Here's how close they've grown: Murdoch's daughter-in-law, Kathryn (center, above), is currently employed by none other than the Clinton Foundation (!), working with old-time Clintonite Ira Magaziner (!!) on climate change issues (!!!).

The Politico staff are hard at work bringing you EXCLUSIVES like... Hillary Clinton is trying to convince black people to vote for her. And John WALNUTS McCain is a MAVERICK!

Despite being a synergistic new media experimental revolutionary etc. etc., a number of their print articles aren't on the website. But hey -- BLOGS!

The Politico


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