Happy September the 11th!

love love me do love love me do love love me do - WonketteAs the politicians bum us out and the TV tries to "bring back all the horror" of five years ago, we thought we'd take a moment to remember some other 9/11 milestones:

* In 2001, Bob Dylan released his highly acclaimed "Love and Theft" album, although other events sort of spoiled the party.

* In 1847, Stephen Foster's hot new jam, "Oh! Susanna," debuted in Pennsylvania.

* Brian De Palma turns 66! And Moby is 41!

* In 1609, Henry Hudson went up the Hudson River and landed at Manhattan ... what a coincidence!

* Ferdinand Marcos would be having a birthday, but he's dead.

So much more, after the jump.

* It's the 254th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar!

* In 1918, the Boston Red Sox won the Series ... and they wouldn't do it again for 86 years.

* In 1962, the Beatles recorded their first single -- ''Love Me Do'' backed with ''P.S., I Love You." Ringo was only allowed to play tambourine and maracas. Later, Lennon & McCartney would be noted for their lyrics.

* Happy birthday to Tommy Shaw, the guy from Styx!

* In 1906, Mahatma Gandhi launched a non-violence movement that ultimately failed, when he was assassinated

* In 1985, Pete Rose hit #4,192 and took Ty Cobb's record. Later, Rose would be shamed in a gambling scandal. But he's still Pete Rose.

* In 1974, a jetliner crashed in Charlotte, N.C., killing 71 people.

* In 1995, Janet Jackson's "Runaway" was the first single by a woman to debut in the Billboard Top 10! (This can't possibly be true, but whatever.)

* In 1973, the CIA somebody murdered democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende.

* In 1850, "Swedish soprano Jenny Lind, whose purity of voice and natural singing style earned her the nickname the Swedish nightingale, made her American debut at the Castle Garden Theatre in New York City." (Cut 'n pasted from the Library of Congress, because what are they going to do about it?)

* In 1987, original Wailer and Jamaican reggae legend Peter Tosh was assassinated in his Kingston home.

* And on September 11, 1941, ground was broken on a gargantuan new War Department building called The Pentagon.

Let's take a moment today to remember all these other awesome and/or terrible things that happened on September 11. God help us all.

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