Happy Vitterans Day Weekend

* Miss Iowa likes that head of hair. [Political Radar]

* There's nothing more appalling than impeachment as political theater. [Michelle Malkin]

* The Democrats do believe in torture, they just think it should be used by them on the people who sent them to Congress to stop the slide into insanity by not refusing to change course out of fear of the political implications of taking a stand on any given issue until they have expanded majorities and a woman in the White House. Between these two options, we choose to be waterboarded, thanks. [Andrew Sullivan]

* What is that irresistible rhythmic thwapping sound? Why, it's the sound of millions of conservative blowhards fiercely masturbating. [Redstate]

* James Dobson no endorse. James Dobson only smash! [WorldNet Daily]

* Next time Diane Feinstein runs for re-election, maybe vote for someone else. [Left Coaster]


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